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Me & Edwin Smith at Arbor Low

Scan of a recent print made from a photograph I took in 1981 at Arbor Low.I've just written an article on my other site about a recent discovery made whilst reviewing my collection of photographs made at the prehistoric henge site of Arbor Low in Derbyshire.

It turns out that I had pretty much the same reaction in 1981 to a subject that Edwin Smith had photographed fifteen – or perhaps twenty-five – years earlier. Although in 1981 I had no knowledge of his image.

The whole journey of discovery made in writing the linked piece brought home to me the reality of digital photography compared to its historic counterpart. I wonder if in thirty years' time it would be possible to revisit a filed image  - even if it could be found - and create a modern version of it as easily? Perhaps fortunately, I am unlikely to be around to put this to the test.