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Peter Turner - The Independent

Peter Turner, photographer and editor: born London 3 February 1947; died Wellington, New Zealand 1 August 2005. From The Independent, 9th August 2005, written by Paul Hill.

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Colin Osman - The Guardian

Colin Osman Obituary written by Amanda Hopkinson for The Guardian newspaper, April 16 2002.

Colin Osman, who has died aged 75, was the founder and editor of the seminal photographic magazine Creative Camera. He was also the owner of an extraordinary archive - in part through the portfolios deposited with the magazine, photographs supposedly loaned to it and books sent for review.

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Peter Turner - Afterimage

This Peter Turner Obituary was written by David Brittain for Afterimage journal.

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Bill Jay – The Guardian

The following obituary for Bill Jay, written by Amanda Hopkinson, appeared in The Guardian newspaper in August 2009.

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