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Every So Often – Raymond Moore on TV

Back in 1983, the BBC made a short film about the photographer Raymond Moore as part of a series called 'Coast to Coast'.

Called 'Every So Often', it was unusual firstly for being a film about a photographer, still a rarity at that time, and secondly because Moore was not then considered to be a 'famous' figure in the medium, although he certainly had an ardent following amongst the up-coming generation of 'art' photographers in Britain.

I have a copy of the programme recorded on VHS tape at the time of broadcast, unfortunately with the first minute or two missing. I have never got around to adding it to YouTube, but now somebody else thankfully has. It is provided in three parts, via YouTube.

Total running time is around half an hour. Well worth watching if you have any interest in this rather unique British photographer. A friend of Minor White, Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind and a great teacher, he is admired by many, but fully understood by few.